Sausage Herb Dressing with dried cranberries

Sausage and Herb Dressing with dried cranberries

Thanksgiving dinner just isn’t complete without dressing to go with the turkey.  While some prefer to stuff it in the cavity while the bird cooks, hence the name stuffing, I prefer to cook it separately.  I find the turkey cooks more evenly and the dressing crisps up on the top yet remains moist inside. Now I know many people will be grabbing boxes of Mrs. Cubbison’s and doctoring it up, but really – how hard is it to cube bread and toast it a little.  The difference in flavor is night and day; one tastes like cardboard (not that I’m an … Continue reading

Cider Brined Turkey with rich kettle gravy

Cider Brined Turkey

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I figured it was time to share my recipe for a perfectly roasted, juicy turkey.  Since we will be spending it at my mother in law’s house and I will be released from turkey duty, my family was overjoyed that we’d be having a turkey dinner early.  Along with the turkey we had an amazing sage sausage stuffing with dried cranberries, celery root and potato mash, and cranberry/bing cherry sauce; all of which will be posted soon. Turkey can be rather dull unless you add flavor in some way.  Some heavily season and deep fry it(I’ve … Continue reading

Pork Ossobuco

Pork Shank Ossobuco

Though traditional ossobuco is made with veal shanks, the cooking method lends itself perfectly to pork shanks as well.  If you haven’t tried braised pork shanks, you’re missing out.  Done properly they melt in your mouth and the meat falls from the bone with just a fork.  The other added bonus is they’re cheap; I picked mine up at my Mexican grocer for $1.99/lb.  They normally come as a 6 inch long shank from the front legs of the pig so I had the butcher saw them in half to make the perfect size for braising. Although the addition of … Continue reading