Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup

Between setting the clocks back and the change in the weather, there’s no doubt that fall has arrived.  While still ridiculously mild compared to most of the country, there’s still a noticable difference here in Southern California.  So on that note I decided it was time for a spicy tortilla soup with all the trimmings.  While some versions might be easier than this one here, such as opening up various cans and adding them to a pot, this one will excite your taste buds.  I’m blessed to live in an area that has a wide variety of chiles available, but if you can’t … Continue reading

Pollo a la Brasa with aji sauce

Pollo a la Brasa

Pollo a las Brasa or Peruvian chicken is one of the most widely consumed foods in Peru and is one of my favorites.  It’s normally a whole chicken slowly cooked on a rotisserie over wood charcoal after a long marinade.  While I have done it rotisserie style in the past, I decided to adapt this to leg quarters and cook it over indirect heat on my gas grill.  While I do miss the added smokiness of the charcoal grill, the marinade more than compensates by adding a huge amount of flavor and lending a beautiful color to the finished chicken.  … Continue reading

Thai Pork Chops with chile garlic dipping sauce

Thai Pork Chops

It’s good to be back home.  I was gone for a few days helping pack my mother’s belongings and move her here closer to us.  While it’s always tough going through that time, I must say she was a trooper, taking it all in stride and looking at it as a new adventure in her life.  We cooked of course and had a wonderful barbecued pork tenderloin with a cherry and wine reduction sauce that my sister made.  It was out of this world good.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of it but did get some of the deer that roam up to … Continue reading

Cilantro Caesar Chicken Kabobs

Cilantro Caesar Chicken Kabobs

One of my absolute favorite salads is Caesar.  There’s just something about the zing from the garlic and worcestershire along with tangy lemon and saltiness of the anchovy that gets me.  So when my son suggested we do kabobs on the grill, it hit me that the same type of dressing would be great on chicken.  I knew I would change it up a bit, but now at least I had a jumping off point.  I wanted it to have similar flavors but with a little more Mexican twist to it.  Being that it was invented in Mexico by an Italian immigrant named Caesar Cardini, I … Continue reading

Whole grilled chicken with honey chipotle glaze

Grilled Whole Chicken with honey chipotle glaze

Once I get in the mood to barbecue, I can’t control myself.  I absolutely love cooking outside.  If I could find a way to physically move my entire kitchen outdoors when it’s sunny I would have done it already.  Of course that’s not really necessary; plus if I dare tear up another room in the house without finishing the bathroom that I started (I won’t mention how long ago) my wife will kill me.  Actually she won’t kill me…who would fix dinner.  Check out my “About” tab if you want more details.  Oops-getting off track again. Yesterday steaks were calling me, but today the … Continue reading