Wet Burritos with homemade enchilada sauce

Wet Burritos with homemade enchilada sauce

Like most families, we have our regular rotation of meals.  Spaghetti, pizza, roast chicken and of course tacos.  In my family tacos are king; and not just any tacos but steak tacos Arrachera.  But sometimes I just get in the mood for a big burrito topped with enchilada sauce and melted cheese; and last night was one of those nights.  When I’m in a rush I do use canned sauce, but when I have the time I prefer to make my own.  Homemade sauce is far better than canned and you can control the heat level by choosing different chiles.  So next time, … Continue reading

Whole grilled chicken with honey chipotle glaze

Grilled Whole Chicken with honey chipotle glaze

Once I get in the mood to barbecue, I can’t control myself.  I absolutely love cooking outside.  If I could find a way to physically move my entire kitchen outdoors when it’s sunny I would have done it already.  Of course that’s not really necessary; plus if I dare tear up another room in the house without finishing the bathroom that I started (I won’t mention how long ago) my wife will kill me.  Actually she won’t kill me…who would fix dinner.  Check out my “About” tab if you want more details.  Oops-getting off track again. Yesterday steaks were calling me, but today the … Continue reading

Bone-in Ribeyes with grilled Mediteranean vegetable salad

Grilled Bone-in Ribeyes with Ken's custom rub

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and the kickoff of the barbecue and grilling season.  Here in Southern California we’re fortunate to have just a little bit better weather than most year round.  Alright, we have fantastic weather compared to most throughout the year.  Even though I do grill in the winter, braving the frigid 60 degree weather in my shorts and t-shirt, when it hits Memorial Day there’s just something different about it.  The sun is shining, the days are longer and…oh what the heck does it matter!  It’s a perfect chance to get outside with family and … Continue reading