Nectarine and Heirloom Tomato Salad with herb ranch dressing

08-28-12 022

Nectarines and other stone fruits are everywhere right now.  Every grocery store I wander into seems to have piles of them and at great prices too.  That’s how this salad came to be.  I’ve actually had the idea of making this salad for a few weeks-even bought the ingredients numerous times.  But life gets in the way sometimes…and family members eat the ingredients.  Really son?  I could never get you to try a nectarine before and now you eat two.  Oh well, at least he now likes nectarines. After getting my ingredients this time and fiercly protecting them from prying hands and … Continue reading

Sautéed Yu Choy with garlic and chives

Sauteed Yu Choy with garlic and chives

Yu choy is one of my favorite Chinese greens that I find at my local farmer’s market.  It’s a long leafy green with yellow flowers and tender stalks.  While some of the greens I find there can be on the bitter side, yu choy is very mild and actually has a little sweetness to it.  The best description I can give is the leaves taste similar to spinach and because the stalks are tender when young, they cook up quite fast. This vegetable is commonly used in stir fries and is added to a variety of dishes, but I prefer … Continue reading