Spatchcock a chicken

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What’s spatchcocking you ask?  Who knows where they get these strange names but it’s simply removing the backbone from the bird then flipping it over and cracking the breastbone till it lies flat.  So let’s get to it.

I started by removing the inards and washing the bird inside and out then patted it completely dry.

I used a sharp knife to cut out the backbone and then cut around the wishbone and yanked it out.  Kitchen shears will work just as well.  Remember, don’t be timid-just cut and rip it out of there.

I flipped it back over so the breast was facing up and using the palm of my hand, I pressed down on the breastbone until it cracked and the bird layed flat.  Once I tucked the wings back under, I had a spatchcocked chicken.  For a recipe using this technique see Whole grilled chicken with honey chipotle glaze.


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