Dice an onion

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The first thing to do is make sure you have a sharp knife.  As with any kind of cutting, a dull knife will dramatically increase the chance of cutting yourself because of the additional pressure required to make the cut.  So NO butter knives or steak knives please – this is mainly directed toward my wife.

Start by cutting the top off the onion.  Place the cut side down so it sits flat.  Slice down the center of the onion through the root to get two halves.  The root will keep the onion together while dicing.  Peel the dry skin from each half.

Lay one half an onion on a cutting board with the cut off top facing towards you and the root end away from you.  Make a series of verticle cuts through the onion but don’t cut through the root; you need this to hold the onion together.

Turn the onion sideways and holding your knife parallel to the cuuting board, make a series of horizontal slices again making sure not to cut completely through the root.

To make the final cut, slice across the onion to form the dices working back towards the root until done.  Note how my fingers are out of the way, turned back away from the blade with my knuckles resting near the blade.  With a little practice, dicing becomes a very fast process.



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