Sautéed Yu Choy with garlic and chives

Sauteed Yu Choy with garlic and chives

Yu choy is one of my favorite Chinese greens that I find at my local farmer’s market.  It’s a long leafy green with yellow flowers and tender stalks.  While some of the greens I find there can be on the bitter side, yu choy is very mild and actually has a little sweetness to it.  The best description I can give is the leaves taste similar to spinach and because the stalks are tender when young, they cook up quite fast. This vegetable is commonly used in stir fries and is added to a variety of dishes, but I prefer … Continue reading

Galbi-Korean grilled short ribs


Everyone already knows my fascination with short ribs; succulent beef that becomes so tender it nearly falls off the bone after gentle braising for hours.  Those would be the larger “English” cut that divides each rib between the bone, but there’s other cuts popular in Asian cultures, especially Korea, where the “English” cut is butterflied into long strips away from the bone and yet another called “flanken”, that cuts thin strips across the bone.  This last cut became popular in Los Angeles and is simply referred to as LA Galbi and this is the cut I used for this recipe.  Galbi means “rib” in … Continue reading

Thai Pork Chops with chile garlic dipping sauce

Thai Pork Chops

It’s good to be back home.  I was gone for a few days helping pack my mother’s belongings and move her here closer to us.  While it’s always tough going through that time, I must say she was a trooper, taking it all in stride and looking at it as a new adventure in her life.  We cooked of course and had a wonderful barbecued pork tenderloin with a cherry and wine reduction sauce that my sister made.  It was out of this world good.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of it but did get some of the deer that roam up to … Continue reading